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Electrical Install & Repair

Electrical Installation & Repair Services in Vernon and Surrounding Areas

Even though everything may seem fine with your residential or commercial electrical system, there are chances that it could have issues. If left unchecked, it can pose a risk to you and your property. But, don’t worry! Atlas Electrical Solutions offers efficient and quality electrical installation, maintenance and repair services in Vernon and all surrounding communities. You can rely on us to thoroughly analyze your electrical systems and ensure they are in perfect condition.

Electrical Installation Services

From designing and building a full electrical system for your custom home or business to complete rewiring and renovations, the pros at Atlas Electrical Solutions have you covered. We work with you through every aspect of your project to make sure you get exactly what you want. With over 25 years of experience, we can recommend the best products and share ideas to improve your plans. We are happy when you're happy. Call us today.

Electrical Repair Services

If your electrical system is not working as it should it might be due to a faulty outlet, circuit or wiring problem. Lights too bright or dim? It could be a bad or broken neutral connection. Is the power out in part of the house? It could be a short or open in your circuit. Such electrical repairs should be left to the professionals at Atlas Electrical Solutions. Our team can handle the complexities that come with electrical repairs and make sure everything is operating as it should. 

Save Energy with New Devices

Are your electricity bills steadily increasing? New devices like push button timers for bathroom fans, programmable timers for outside lights, dimmers and motion / occupancy sensors to turn lights on and off as you enter and leave rooms and outdoor areas can ensure you are not paying more than you need to. At Atlas Electrical Solutions we can walk through your residential or commercial property and recommend ways you can save on energy costs.

Improve the Functionality of Your Property

Give us the opportunity to become your preferred choice for all of your residential or commercial electrical service needs.

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