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Home Generator & Surge Protection Install

Home Generator & Surge Protection Installation in Vernon & Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for back-up power during the next storm or are looking to protect your electronics and electrical system from a power surge, contact us first. From automatic systems that can run all the essential loads in the house to smaller, manually operated systems for portable generators, we can help pick the right unit to suit your needs. We will walk through all the pros and cons and help you determine the size you need for your situation.

Surge Protection Installation Services

IIncidents such as lightning storms, downed power lines and power outages can cause power surges that are harmful to your home's electronics, appliances and your electrical system on a whole.  The cost of this damage can be immense, which is why we offer surge protection for your home and business.  We can help you pick the right product for your circumstances and give you some peace of mind.

Home Generator Installation

Buying a new generator for your home may seem like a hassel, as a number of factors have to be considered, including the type of generator, its usage, the power requirements, etc.  Give us a ring and we will remove the guess work, clearly explain your options, and make the whole process easy.

Ensure Uninterrupted Power

Keep your appliances and devices running without any hassle with generators and surge protectors.

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