Switches, Outlets & Ceiling Fan

Installation Services for Switches, Outlets & Ceiling Fans in Vernon & Surrounding Areas

When you need installation, maintenance and repair services for ceiling fans, switches or outlets, look no further than Atlas Electrical Solutions. Our technicians have the expertise, knowledge, and tools to fix the problems on the spot.

Ceiling Fan Installation Services

A number of factors determine the type of ceiling fan best for your home.  You can trust us to consider all of these factors while suggesting the ceiling fan best suited to your needs.  You can always trust our professionals for exceptional service and quality craftmanship.

Switch & Outlet Services

If you are renovating your space or have just bought a new property, we can help you pick the right devices. Some property owners attempt replacing the electric outlets or switches themselves, however, it requires skill and expertise, which we can provide. Name any type of switch or outlet, and we can install or repair it promptly.

Some of the switches we can install:


Standard toggle


3-way & 4-way

Humidity Sensor

Motion detector

Some of the outlets we can install:


Standard duplex



Range / Stove


USB Charger

We'll Be There When You Need Us

Our electricians not only ensure proper installation but also alert you about any pre-existing problems with your electrical system.